Conor McGregor to “retire young”

UFC superstar and current featherweight  champion Conor McGregor has sparked uproar on social media announcing on Twitter this evening that he has decided to “retire young”.


It is not yet know how serious the 27-year-old’s tweet is and he has a reputation for playing mind games. McGregor has been training for his welterweight rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 200 on the 9th of July in Las Vegas. McGregor’s management said they had no knowledge of the tweet.

There may well be truth in McGregor’s tweet with his coach John Kavanagh tweeting the following:


It seems unlikely McGregor will retire on a loss after Diaz defeated the Irishman at UFC 196. Many fans and UFC commentator Joe Rogan believe McGregor is simply “trolling” us.

One possible theory is McGregor will “retire young” but the lack of a retirement date in his tweet might show he doesn’t intend to retire now. If McGregor does retire it will shock all MMA fans.

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