Totti throws tantrum over treatment at Roma

Roma’s veteran striker Francesco Totti has landed himself in hot water with coach Luciano Spalletti over comments made in an interview with Italian sports outlet TG1 online.The 39 year old voiced his displeasure over the lack of playing time Spalletti has given him since his return from injury.

Totti has not taken well to his role on the bench this season.

The Roma legend stated ” I’m in good shape and want to play. The injury is behind me and if I don’t play its purely down to a tactical decision.” He acknowledged that at his age he will play less but said “ending my career like this is bad for me as a man and what I’ve given to Roma.” Totti is referring to his refusal to leave his childhood club despite enormous offers from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The most serious quote coming out of the interview was Totti saying “I can’t stay at Roma not like this.It hurts to be a sub…I demand more respect for all I’ve done here.”

former friends
The pair have worked together at Roma in the past.

When asked about his relationship with coach Spalletti he said ” We say ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening.’That’s it.” Totti’s contract expires in June and he “awaits” news from club president James Pallotta and he will “evaluate the situation.” He concluded the interview by saying ” I expect the fairness of people telling me the reality of the situation and how things really are.” Unfortunately Francesco Totti has had previous incidents with other managers. Fabio Capello and Totti did not see eye to eye and current Barcelona manager Luis Enrique struggled to deal with Il Capitone’s ego.

As a result of these comments Totti has been left out of Roma’s squad to face Palermo today. Totti turns 40 this year and his career should he leave Roma looks likely to be in China or America. For Spalletti these comments could not come at a worse time. His side are starting to find form in the Serie A and these claims from the clubs well respected captain are sure to affect the atmosphere of the dressing room.


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